2018 Political Endorsements

Written on 11/04/2018
FOP Bluegrass Lodge 4

The Fraternal Order of Police Bluegrass Lodge 4 and Town Branch Lodge 83 have decided to provide the following endorsements for the upcoming political elections: 


State Senate-12th:  Alice Forgy Kerr

State Representative-45th:  Stan Lee

State Representative-76th:  Ruth Ann Palumbo

State Representative-88th:  Bill Farmer, Jr.

5th Appellate District-Division 1:  Rob Johnson

Circuit Court, 22nd Circuit, Division 1:  Libby G. Messer

District Court, 22nd Circuit, Division 3:  Lindsay Hughes Thurston

District Court, 22nd Circuit, Division 5:  Melissa Moore Murphy

UCG Mayor:  Ronnie Bastin

UCG Council-at-Large:  Richard Moloney, Adrian Wallace, Chuck Ellinger III

UCG District 1:  James Brown

UCG District 3:  Renee Jackson Shepard

UCG District 5:  Bill Farmer, Jr.

UCG District 7:  Preston Worley

UCG District 8:  Fred V. Brown

UCG District 9:  Jacob Glancy

UCG District 11:  Jennifer Reynolds

UCG District 12:  Monteia Mundy Owenby

Commonwealth Attorney:  Lou Anna Red Corn


For any statewide positions covering more than Fayette County, we have sent our recommendations to the State Lodge to be compared to the recommendations of the other covered Lodges.  In all other Fayette County races, our Lodges have decided not to extend an endorsement.  Thank you to all who interviewed or answered questionnaires.  We appreciate your time and wish you luck in the general election.